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MK Tooling

MK Tooling bv at Gilze specializes in the customer specification of machining machining on metal, nonferrous and plastic products for machine construction.

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MK Tooling's machine park consists of modern, versatile and multi-axis CNC machining machines. Automation has been far advanced through the use of CAD / CAM Software. The software links with CAD / CAM systems, preset equipment and a 3D measuring machine ensure flexible and accurate production.

Our machine park consists of

2 Piece Mazak VTC20B Machine With Cooling Through Spindle 3 Assig (110x550)

2 Piece Mazak VTC800 / 30SR Machine with cooling by spindle 5 Assig (3000x800)


1 Piece Mazak VTC530 / 20 Machine with cooling through the spindle 3 Assig (2300x530) 


1 piece Mazak QT200L machine

1 Piece Mazak QT300L MY machine